We’ve got a new tractor!

Alright, not really new, it’s an old Massey Fergusson Backhoe 40B. Originally, I was looking for a backhoe attachment for my Ford 2120. At one point I found one for about $6k (used obviously), but that disappeared and then I wasn’t actually able to find another one like it…Then I saw this backhoe for sale when I was driving around, I thought I’d ask the price…it ended up being cheaper than just the backhoe attachment alone, so I figured I’d take a gamble on it.

Ultimately it has a lot of issues currently. The main hydraulic cylinder on the backhoe is leaking, one of the stabilizing legs is bent, the other doesn’t hold pressure (also leaking), the engine has an exhaust leak, there’s some diesel leaking and the loader bucket has a hole in the corner. There may be some other issues, but it runs, and I’m sure I’ll get some good experience messing around with fixing this up.

The paint job that was done was terrible – they didn’t even clean off the dirt…So there’s a good chance I’ll be pressure washing it and cleaning it up/repainting it as I go. Hopefully I’ll get the time to document the journey and you guys can follow along.


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