About Us

The Joy Of Missing Out – the Jomo Ranch. The name is essentially the opposite of Fomo (Fear of Missing Out).

The name resonated with me from reminiscing on previous live-aboard trips.

We’re located in Placerville California.

Jomo Ranch (formally the Flying M Ranch) was founded by James and Bernadett in August 2022.

The Flying M Ranch was previously a horse boarding facility which had over 50 horses staying here at one point. We have a massive barn, an 18 horse stable, a separate shop, 2 arenas, and more than 25 animal shelters in cross-fenced pens.

We knew we always wanted more space and more animals, and this ranch gave us exactly that. Some animals came with the property, Jack the Donkey, 3 goats, a barn cat, and a couple of sheep. Since then we’ve added 2 more donkeys, a horse, 8 sheep, 8 goats, and some chickens.

Our first year on the property has been mostly trying to get our feet under us. We’ve learned a lot and we’ve been slowly getting things under control. We’ll continue to refine our processes and continue to learn and grow, and we look forward to see where this ranch will take us.