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Are you tired of the constant ringing in your ears that is our modern day media?
How many more debates about gender do you really want to hear?
You know that one guy that always brings up inflation/racism/abortion?
The companies and people in power make more money when you are frustrated, keeping your attention via a rage feedback loop.

Let’s stop that!
Are you ready to experience the Joy of Missing Out?

We love nature.


Animals on the ranch

When you take the time to connect with nature, it centers you. You begin to feel more alive, start noticing the little things. Some animals will trust you instantly, my dog will likely come running up and start begging for pets. Other animals will be hesitant to let you come close even after months of daily interaction. But in both scenarios, the relationship built over time and experiences shared together are so rewarding.


We have a massive garden, which is growing every year. Eating nutrient rich food straight from the garden without all the chemicals from the store bought stuff is not only healthy, but delicious.

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Join a photography workshop – learn how to use your camera, understand basic principles of photography and explore the many photogenic subjects!

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Horse Back Riding

Our arena is not quite ready to be ridden in, but we are anxiously awaiting for it to be cleaned up and get our first riders in.

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Wildlife is abundant on the ranch. Aside from the domestic animals, we have countless birds, deer, coyotes, squirrels, moles, turkeys, peacocks and more. Huge old oaks scattered throughout make for nice shaded walks to enjoy the outdoors (When they don’t fall).

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Cuteness Overload

These baby boys were bottle fed since they were 2 weeks old. Rocky, Ringo, Oreo, and Chip. Great addition to the ranch, the girls love them.

Magnus and Olga – the Icelandic Sheep

We were so excited to get Magnus and Olga. They are such amazing looking animals with crazy horns and long hair. They are so soft and magnus is such a sweet guy.

We don’t have reviews yet – but we’ll get some eventually and put them here.

Pauline Gilbert

Meditation Retreat Participant

still no reviews – want to be first? This guy’s fake.

Nathan May

Spinning Wool Class

When we get reviews, I’m sure they’ll be amazing.

Danielle Knight

Photography Workshop Participant

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